About LiveTrains.com

Live Trains is a website that allows you to watch live trains from the comfort of your own home. We stream live from numerous locations and offer a great way for all ages to enjoy the action of trains.

Live Trains — Watch trains live

LiveTrains.com was the first Railcam platform on the internet originally founded in 2003.

Live Trains were famous for cameras from Ft Madison Iowa, Belen New Mexico, and Galesburg Illinois. Live Trains shut down in 2009.

Now the Live Trains brand is back to share some of the most iconic rail-fanning locations over the internet with the entire world.

We achieved that by utilizing some of the most advanced technology on the markets today.

Thank you for watching!

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How much does it cost? Free! We’ll provide all the equipment to install the camera, however, we will require access to already existing utilities. For example, power and internet.