Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked Live Trains questions.

Live Trains is a website that allows you to watch trains live from the comfort of your own home via the internet. We stream live from numerous locations and offer a great way for all ages to Enjoy Trains, From Home!

Our goal at is to not only provide the highest quality viewing experience of trains to railfans online. We wish to inspire our viewers to visit our camera locations and support the local communities where our cameras are placed. Live Trains is a powerful marketing tool, giving you the ability to reach millions in a specific target market who never knew about you before.

From train enthusiasts, railroads and the general public. These cameras will be viewed by many all over the world. Giving you reach to a target market that other legacy advertising methods could never reach

We use the best cameras in the market. These intelligent cameras have the ability to blur or block out areas in the cameras view when in the cameras field of view.

There are many benefits to hosting our cameras. From advertising your establishment to millions online, or attracting locals to visit your location. We are flexible and have many options to provide value to your business.

Have more questions or concerns? Drop us a line at and we would love to discuss any matter with you further!